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There is a debate out there about whether vaping is better than smoking. What do you think? Both provide a person with nicotine, but there are some major differences? Have you ever smoked before? I smoked for 22 years, and I quit thanks to vaping. I am now working on quitting vaping, and I have been enjoying the benefits of quitting smoking for 5 months. I say that with confidence because I know firsthand that there is a HUGE difference between vaping and smoking. Seriously, get your Direct Vapor coupons and discounts by using code: JJ3781

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Let’s start with the excess chemicals. Both vaping and smoking may provide you with nicotine, but directvapor cigarettes contain a lot more harmful chemicals. If you look at the ingredient lists for e-liquids used in vaping devices, you will see that the companies keep it simple. And of course, vaping produces vapor, and cigarettes are on fire, producing smoke.

Inhaling smoke into your lungs and inhaling vapor are two completely different things. I am giving you the facts, but there is nothing like the feeling of making the actual switch. Immediately after I stopped smoking and started vaping, I noticed a big difference in how I felt. I always liked to think that I held my own as a smoker, but health issues were only a matter of time. You should just use the promo code at check out to save some money.

When I started vaping, I rarely coughed anymore. My lungs felt clearer, and I felt like all the physical effects of smoking were not part of the picture anymore. I am, however, still addicted to nicotine, and vaping most certainly has its effects, too. Since the two habits seem a lot like each other, it makes people want to think about the effects being related. Let’s just say that vaping is nowhere near in the ballpark of smoking.

Now let’s move on to the smell especially from Direct Vapor. I can smell a cigarette a mile away. I can smell everything else much better now, too. My sense of smell has come back to me more than ever after quitting smoking. And then there is the smell of cigarettes that I no longer carry with me. I no longer smell like a smoker, and that makes me smile.

After using a vaping device, I have been told I smell like whatever flavor I have been vaping. As for the money, I probably have spent about the same amount if not a little less. But I was also smoking cheaper cigarettes for most of that time. Money isn’t the issue here though, as it is all about which is better for you, vaping or smoking?

As a former smoker, I know how defense smokers can be. I was one of those people. And as a person who vapes, I know how non-smokers group smokers and people that use vaping devices in the same group. Now, I’m not going to hate on smokers because I was one. I would like to see people quit smoking, and I would like to see people quit vaping. Where I sit currently is I have lived both, and I know which one is better. Yet ultimately, I want too quit vaping, too. I just have to get there. You can use the direct vapor website to save money and grab a coupon.