Cigarettes – Why They Are Bad For You

Cigarette smoking affects nearly every organ in the body and it is responsible for many diseases. As such, quitting helps reduce the chances of getting smoking-related diseases and may add a few years to your life.

Smoking statistics

The information and statistics below are from CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), which is a U.S. based organization.

According to their findings, more than 480,000 U.S. citizens die because of tobacco-related diseases every year. This is a shocking finding which simply means 1 person out of 5. As a matter of fact, they estimate that 1 person out of 2 people will die from a smoking-related disease.

The research shows that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of death in America, which is more than the following diseases and causes combined:

• HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
• Alcohol Abuse
• Illegal Drug Abuse
• Motor vehicle accidents
• Firearms (guns, knives, etc.)

The number of people who have died because of cigarette smoking is estimated to be 10 times more than those who have died in all the wars the U.S. fought.

Smoking causes 9 out of 10 (which is 90%) of all lung cancer deaths reported in America. A majority of women die from lung cancer every year compared to breast cancer. The risks of smoking affect both male and female equally. Over the last 50 years, cigarette smoking risks have increased dramatically.

What Makes Cigarette Smoking Risky?

Cigarette smoking is risky because of two main components. These are the main poisons that affect people’s health:

• Tar

Tar can be defined as sticky, brown substances, which is a byproduct of smoke. Tar coats the lungs, which then affects a person’s breathing.

• Carbon Monoxide

This is yet another byproduct of smoke or anything that burns. It is even found in cars (the exhaust fumes). Carbon monoxide is fatal in large quantities. It replaces oxygen in the blood, which then starves organs of oxygen. This results in making organs to stop functioning properly.

The Parts Of The Body Smoking Affects

The truth is that smoking affects many parts of the body that include:

1. The Brain

Research has proven that cigarette smoking increases the likelihood of suffering from stroke by 4 times. As you know, a stroke may cause brain damage and in the worst case scenario death. One-way stroke occurs is through an aneurysm, which is caused by weak blood vessels.

2. Bones

Smoking can also lead to the weakening of bones, which is more dangerous to women, especially those who are prone to osteoporosis.

3. Cardiovascular System Problems

Cigarette smoking is known to cause cardiovascular system failure. This is because of plaque buildup in the blood, which sticks to blood vessel walls of the arteries veins. The more they build up, the more they restrict blood flow to different parts of the body due to clotting. This condition is known as atherosclerosis.

Smoking does also narrow arteries. This makes it hard for blood to flow, which increases high blood pressure and heart rate. At the same time, the chemicals found in tobacco increases the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and heart problems. The most common are chest pains related to the heart, heart attack, and coronary heart diseases.