History Of Vaping E Cigs. Longer Then You Think

E-Cigs and vaping seemed to burst upon the scene in the 90’s and become a global culture in the 2000’s and today is still going sign due to the many design and technology upgrades that you going on. In fact, vaping has a die hardcore fan base and will be with us for a long while to come. But where did vaping first come from? Who though t of this?

If we look back n history we will find that the first supposed instances of vaping led back to the ancient Egyptians. The area is well known for its introduction of the early type of vaping techniques and the first designs of implements used in the process. If you scoff at this then consider that the ancient Egyptians were the first apparently to use dry herbs on hot rocks to inhale the smoke based incense.

A little further on in history we find that the initial shisha, r as it is better known, the water pipe or hookah was being used in India for the same reason of inhaling the vapors of herbs.

Move forward to almost current times and we have documented evidence that the early European steps into vaping were by a man called Joseph Robinson who, in 1927 came up with his idea of cigarettes. Despite the idea, it is unsure if it ever took off and history then moves onto 1963 when a chap by the name of Herbert Gilbert came up with his own ideas and that in 1965 actually patented his creation of the nontobacco smokeless cigarette which began a very small and community-centric vaping movement. Part of herberts problems was that back in the 1960’s it was almost impossible to share ideas readily and the 1960’s really was a tobacco lover paradise as almost everyone smoked, back when cigarettes were really good for you.

It was not until the mid-2000’s that vaping really came to its own, partly due to social media which now allows us to share everything everywhere immediately. So when a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik, produced the first modern e ciggarete, the company that he worked for took notice and decided to run with the idea. At the time the company as called Ryan Group, however you may know them in their current form of Dragonite international. They had the benefit of promoting it before it was then made popular through having been shared on social and mainstream media.

So, as you can see vaping is not new, it has been around since the ancient Egyptians and the Indians before popping up in its current guise in the late 2000’s. This demonstrates that the practice of vaping, whether you choose to use hot rocks and garden herbs, a hookah or today’s modern implements that come in a range of shapes and sizes has joined us in spirit over the thousands of years. However unlike the Egyptians and other early vaper’s today’s flavor range is much more appealing with almost every flavor bomb you could want.